Family Time

As soon as I finished work in Phoenix, I headed north towards cooler temperatures. I had some time to kill before my family arrived, so I bounced around to a couple of BLM spots and waited. I made sure my introvert tank was topped off so when they arrived, I had all the energy to do all the fun things!

The last two Mother’s days, my Mom, sister and I, had celebrated by going on yurt camping trips together. Before I left MN, I told them that I’d love to celebrate by camping in Mander next Mother’s day if they were up for it.


Luckily, they agreed and were now flying into Phoenix to do just that. They rented a car and met me in Cottonwood, where we had reserved a campground for the week. After 7 months of not seeing each other, it felt so good to hug them and be together again! They got settled into Mander and we started making a plan for our time together.

In between relaxing and exploring the area we were camping in, we hiked the Devil’s Bridge Trail in Sedona, explored the historic town of Jerome, and went to the Grand Canyon! None of us had seen the Grand Canyon before so it was extra cool to be able to go there as a family.



Time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for them to go. Five days didn’t feel long enough and I could of happily had them in my teeny tiny space for much longer. Even Atreyu, the crabby old man that doesn’t really like anybody, approved of their visit!

We said our tearful goodbyes and they pulled away in their rental car. Immediately, I felt the absence of them in a big way.  To go from being with family 24 hours a day to being completely alone is quite a shock to the system. Even more so when all that love is crammed into 150 square feet. My place felt huge and empty without their conversation, laughs and luggage. Even though my heart was hurting, it was plumb full.

I’m beyond grateful to have a family that supports me and is even willing to come live in a 24′ camper with me! I feel like my sister and I only get closer with every passing year. As we age, our differences are less and our conversations grow deeper. Even the differences that remain, are appreciated and curiously inspected without judgment. I know I’m lucky that I actually enjoy my sister’s company and would choose it even if she wasn’t my sister. You’ll often find her knitting and ready to laugh all while being a resilient, over achieving boss lady that always has her heart and morals in the right place. She’s a pretty wonderful person, that sister of mine.


My Mom is not only a top notch, gregarious, joyful and optimistic woman, she is an excellent Mother. She is much more conventional than me and doesn’t always understand my choices but you know what makes her an excellent Mother (or person in general)? She ultimately wants me to be happy and she’s always my number one cheerleader, even if she thinks the thing she is supporting is bonkers. She sets her views aside and finds a way to be happy for me no matter what. That isn’t an easy task for anyone to do. She executes that whole unconditional love thing like a true pro and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.


It’s truly a gift to get to move through life with these amazing women by my side. I love you Mom! I love you Trinity! I hope I get to see your smiling faces real soon!



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