A New Look and a Shop

I interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a special announcement!

First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you for being tolerant of a poorly functioning/looking blog! I like to tell stories and take pictures, but when it comes to putting it on the internet, I can be technically challenged. Luckily, I met a very nice person recently that happened to be a software designer and he helped me revamp this thing!

I have an archive now (how the hell didn’t I have one of those before?) and an updated “About” and “Who is Mander and What Am I Doing” section. But probably the most exciting thing we did is…create a shop! I officially launched my first merch product yesterday and I will soon be adding a course on how to become a modern nomad for people that are interested in learning how to live this lifestyle.

Now about this merch…it just tickles me pink to call it that because it’s a bumper sticker that says, “Thank You For Your Patience”. Yep, that’s right. No branding, no picture of me or my rig, just something that I desperately needed, couldn’t find, so I decided to make it!

Mander’s sweet spot is 55 mph and if we hit any sort if incline? Fahgettaboudit. We are shifting into lower gears and topping out at 35-40. It stressed me out big time when a line of traffic would start piling up behind me and I just wanted the other drivers to know, that I knew, I was being a pain in their ass. Knowing this bumper sticker is now plastered on Mander’s rear, makes me feels worlds better! I feel like I’ve done my due diligence and if the person is still ticked off, well then…they are just unreasonable.

If you drive something slow…or are a slow driver…or a bad driver…or a passive aggressive driver that wants people to be more patient…grab one of these bumper stickers! They are selling fast and I have a limited stock! Click that new Shop button and check it out! And stay tuned for my course! I’ve been busting my butt researching, writing and preparing it for months and months. It’s loaded with so much useful info, I think it’s going to be super helpful to a lot of people.

Ok. Back to your regularly scheduled program. I am going to start working on the next blog post. Much love and Mander on!


10 Comments on “A New Look and a Shop

  1. 5-27-19 You are doing great. Just let others rush past you-you are living your life your way. I follow your blogs every time you post them. LMK if you are ever in the central NC area-You will be welcomed and have a place to lite. E

  2. OHHHHH yes please. NONE of my vehicles can take a hill — not the RV, the little Honda or the 4-cylinder Ford Ranger!!!! This is perfect. I used to have a large sign in the rear window of my old Pathfinder years ago that said: PLEASE KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE. LEARNING TO DRIVE A STICKSHIFT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

  3. I had a 72 Volkswagon Westphalia, so I know all about slow 🙂 There is an area here called the Malahat Highway which is the start of the best drive ever to explore Vancouver Island. It is outside of Victoria BC (where I live), and the ol’ volksy used to take that at 35 mph and on a good day when I could get a run at it, we may have hit 40!!!!! Super cool! I miss that ol’ van and wish I had it today, I would keep the stock motor but put a Subaru inside or …. then I could at least keep up with the slowest fast people. 🙂 lol Mander is not to be laughed at tho’, he is a great ol’ man that has good insides. 🙂 I must go back and see the inside photo’s again, I thought you did an amazing job and still do an amazing job. 🙂 You are brave to be driving this ol’ rig and you keep that smile on your face. Good luck with the shop. I will view it regularly.
    hugs from Victoria, BC

    • Getting a running start is the best! Hahha. Those westphalias are still loved by so many. I hear those engines are pretty easy to work on. The inside might be a little small for me for full time living but tons of vanlifers are rocking them!

      You know, I’m not sure I have many pictures of Mander’s finished inside up on the blog. I’ll have to think about doing a future post that shows everything.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Shop says 6 in stock. But when I attempted to buy one, 0 available. Hit me up when/if they restock.

    • Hey thanks for the heads up! It appears that some are still in people’s carts. I cleared one out so you should be able to purchase one now. 😘

  5. Charming site, keep inspiring others to reach for their nomadic destination ! It’s always about the Journey, not the Destination !

    ~ Peace & Light ~

    Shawn Vanden

    PS: I was born in Minneapolis, and have lived on both Coasts … Home is where you hang your heart !

  6. Love the bumper sticker, great phrase. I once owned an older Volvo station wagon and on a good day, could barely get out of it’s own way..I found a bumper sticker that was perfect on the rear of that old car, it simply said “DON’T BOTHER, GO AROUND” It seemed so fitting living in southern Cali at the time….Happy trails to you

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