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The Unexpected Gifts of Being a Nomad

It goes without saying that a desire to travel is one of the main motivators behind people that choose to live on the road, but there is so much more the road has to offer. Exploring new places may be the reason you get on… Continue Reading “The Unexpected Gifts of Being a Nomad”

6 Hot Springs in 2020

As you know from reading Mechanical Wrap Up, I spent part of 2020 in Washington doing Mander upgrades. I was just about finished with all my projects when the pandemic hit. With so much uncertainty, I decided to stay put until I was a little… Continue Reading “6 Hot Springs in 2020”

Personal Life Catch Up

In the spirit of catching you up to date, I suppose I need to tell you a few things that have gone down in my personal life. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you are probably unaware of some bigger changes that have taken… Continue Reading “Personal Life Catch Up”

Mechanical Wrap Up

Alright, now that I’ve wrapped up all of the repairs that went down in Utah back in 2018, I may as well bring you up to date on the rest of the mechanical issues I’ve dealt with since. First, let’s recap for anyone who… Continue Reading “Mechanical Wrap Up”

Utah Wrap Up

Ok readers. Things have got to change around these parts. As you may have realized by now, I am ridiculously behind on blogging! 2 years in fact! It turns out trying to document my story in long form while traveling is not an easy… Continue Reading “Utah Wrap Up”

Beautiful People

I shared my struggles with my followers on Instagram and two beautiful people stepped up to pitch in for a new Buddy heater. I felt so grateful that all I had to do to be warm again, was take a ride to the local… Continue Reading “Beautiful People”

Here We Go Again

Jeffrey and I rolled into the back lot of the vacant house well after dark. I was relieved to have made it and decided I was going to ignore whatever was going on until after Jeffrey left. I didn’t want it to ruin the… Continue Reading “Here We Go Again”

I Wanna Know You IRL!

Hey guys! I need to take a moment away from telling stories from the road to let you know some exciting things are happening around here!