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Bonneville Salt Flats

After I left Gavin’s, I needed a place to park for a little while longer because my boyfriend, Jeffrey, decided to fly in for a visit! Someone on Instagram that follows me, has a friend from high school, who’s husband’s cousin had a back… Continue Reading “Bonneville Salt Flats”

Heat, Spray, Pray

Over the next couple days, I perched over my engine and heated, sprayed and prayed over the little bit of remaining bolt. Seeing the penetrating oil get sucked into the heated up bolt hole gave me false hope that I would eventually be able… Continue Reading “Heat, Spray, Pray”

Here Goes Nothing

Before I jumped to the worst case scenario, I needed to determine where the coolant leak was coming from. So I hopped on my scoot and rented a radiator pressure tester kit from the auto parts store.

I Wrote a Guide!

Do you dream of living full time on the road but feel paralyzed by all the unknowns? What vehicle should I get? How am I going to make money? How do I get my mail? Where can I park? Well…look no further! I wrote a… Continue Reading “I Wrote a Guide!”

Too Hot

I went back and forth about whether or not I should replace the fuel pump roughly 102 times before I convinced myself to just do it. The old, “It’s just 2 bolts!” got tossed around by people trying to convince me it would be… Continue Reading “Too Hot”

Drop it Like it’s Hot

Now that Mander was all nestled into Gavin’s driveway, it was time to get to work. And by work, I mean immediately run to Home Depot and buy an air conditioner for Mander or I wasn’t going to make it out of SLC alive.

SLC Bound

After doing a ton of mechanical work in Richfield, I finally felt like Mander would make the last 150 miles to Salt Lake City.

A New Look and a Shop

I interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a special announcement!