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Leaving Richfield

After I made the long, harrowing journey across the street to Jay’s, I started on replacing the last four spark plugs. I was removing one of the spark plug wires when the tip broke off and stayed attached to the spark plug. I thought,… Continue Reading “Leaving Richfield”


I left the dirt parking lot to head to my exhaust manifold gasket appointment with Ross. Luckily, the shop was a short distance away because Mander was still throwing a fit.

Carb Swap in a Dirt Lot

I had a few days to kill before my appointment to get my exhaust manifold worked on so I headed to a nearby campsite. I didn’t get 1 mile down the road before Mander let it be known she was having issues and was… Continue Reading “Carb Swap in a Dirt Lot”

Mystic Hot Springs

I had seen pictures of the majestic looking Mystic Hot Springs before I left MN and knew right away it was a must see. It just so happened that Jay’s Diesel was a mere 10 miles away from Mystic and after a stressful last… Continue Reading “Mystic Hot Springs”


I had 100 miles to go with an active brake leak, some of which were a decent grade descent to lower elevation. With my brake fluid container riding shotgun and a pit in my stomach, I forced myself to turn the key and start… Continue Reading “Jay”

What to Do, Where to Go

I talked to a few people for advice on what to do about my brake fluid leak. I determined this was certainly not a repair I could make myself, in a camping spot, with limited tools and no way to get parts.

Bryce Canyon Pt. 2

I spent days and days hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. Sometimes I would just hike in, find a secluded spot to sit and enjoy the views. Other times, I would push myself and do some of the more challenging hikes. I was loving… Continue Reading “Bryce Canyon Pt. 2”

Bryce Canyon Pt. 1

Long before I got Mander, Utah had been on my list of states I wanted to visit. I had several places in Utah pinned on my google map and I was planning on trying to see as many of them as I could.