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Arizona Hidden Gems

Now that my family was gone, I left the campground and headed back to BLM in the Coconino National Forest. I continued north with loose plans to stop along the way. It turns out, luck was on my side because I ended up in… Continue Reading “Arizona Hidden Gems”

Family Time

As soon as I finished work in Phoenix, I headed north towards cooler temperatures. I had some time to kill before my family arrived, so I bounced around to a couple of BLM spots and waited. I made sure my introvert tank was topped… Continue Reading “Family Time”

A Month in the Big City

Before I left MN and started travelling full time, I had a job as a brand ambassador. I would go to health food stores and demo natural and organic products. Technically, I was a independent contractor but I worked through a staffing agency. I… Continue Reading “A Month in the Big City”

White Sands National Monument

The first time I saw a picture of the White Sands National Monument years and years ago, I knew I had to see it with my own eyes. Before I left, people often asked me where I planned to travel and I would say,… Continue Reading “White Sands National Monument”

Van Horn

Mander is known for her spittin’ and sputterin’, so at first I thought it was just another plugged fuel filter. Luckily, I have long since learned to travel with extra filters, so it wasn’t no thang. I pulled into a rest stop, swapped on… Continue Reading “Van Horn”

Marfa or Bust

Once I was finally able to eat and keep it down, I started to feel a little better. My friend, Gavin, went home and although I was still very weak, I decided to go back to work.

Spring Break From Hell

Spring break was about to hit Terlingua hard and my friend, Gavin, was coming for a visit. What I didn’t know was that Gavin had picked up a hitchhiker, so to speak, along the way and it was about to make my life a… Continue Reading “Spring Break From Hell”

Sink or Swim

I came out of Big Bend and went to see John about getting started serving. I wasn’t sure if he was going to remember me but fear not, he already had me on the schedule for that evening!