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What Love Sometimes Looks Like

Watching Alice pull away made me sad but it also gave me the itch to get moving myself. There was no longer a reason to stay in Austin…or was there…?

Water Works

Something I didn’t mention before, is that during the time Alice was visiting, Mander had sprung a leak. Two leaks to be exact. What should have been a semi-easy task of fixing Mander’s water lines became more like working on a chain gang. A… Continue Reading “Water Works”

Happy New Year!

After Alice and I were done spazzing out over the amazingness of where we were, a beach patrol woman rolled up. She informed us that the tide was going to move in quite a bit and if we didn’t want to get washed away,… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”

Alice in Manderland

After Alice got her truck to the shop, she got right to work removing her truck’s transmission and diagnosing the problem. Once she got it torn apart, it was easy to see what had caused her to get stuck in third gear. She found… Continue Reading “Alice in Manderland”

Who Needs AAA Anyway?

I have a single pull down bed above the cab of Mander for guests. This became Alice’s bed while she was visiting me in Austin. Once we got back from our Need for SpeedĀ ordeal, we settled safely into our beds with hopes of fixing… Continue Reading “Who Needs AAA Anyway?”

Need for Speed

The first thing Alice and I did together was….nothing. The weather turned cold and rainy so we hunkered down inside Mander and talked for hours. We literally met, went inside Mander and didn’t surface for over 36 hours. I think that is a testament… Continue Reading “Need for Speed”

Alice Comes to Austin

Way back when I was building my home in Mander, there was a girl in California, named Alice, building a transmission for her 1963 Ford truck. We found each other on Instagram and began bonding over how in over our heads we were. We… Continue Reading “Alice Comes to Austin”

Austin’s Nature

The kind of cities I like, are cities with a good dose of nature mixed in. It just so happens, Austin is that kind of city. The Colorado river and a warm natural spring run through the city. You don’t have to go far… Continue Reading “Austin’s Nature”