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Austin’s Eats

I’m not a foodie in the traditional sense, but I do care a lot about food. More specifically, the quality of the food. I like to eat whole, organic, simple food and Austin’s food scene was right up my ally.

Hello Austin!

I had a hot tip on a place to park Mander in the city. An Instagram buddy, Victorio, said he had stayed there in his van and had no problems. It had promises of being in a safe part of the city, a fun… Continue Reading “Hello Austin!”

Austin or Bust

I left Tishomingo feeling a little battered and bruised but crazy proud of myself. It was getting close to my birthday and I decided I was going to spend it in Austin, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. With Mander’s new starter, we… Continue Reading “Austin or Bust”

Let’s Get it Started

A lot of people say a starter is an easy thing to replace. Two bolts and a couple of nuts to hold on the positive and negative wires. I think those people have more practice working on vehicles than me…and more patience…and better tools…

Tishomingo, OK

After surfacing from the Ozarks, I relished in the predictability of the Wal-Mart parking lot for a night. I rested up and thought maybe it was time to address Mander’s starting issues. Buster and I thought it was the starting solenoid so I decided… Continue Reading “Tishomingo, OK”

Accidentally Ozarked

After leaving Wal-Mart, I spent one night in a casino parking lot and then headed for Arkansas. I was debating hitting up the Ozarks but wasn’t sure I wanted to get all up in them. I found a spot I wanted to visit, Natural… Continue Reading “Accidentally Ozarked”

Down For the Count

Buster and I were chasing wires and poking at connections. Then it started happening, just like before. Whack-a-mole. So much whack-a-mole. The most frustrating version of whack-a-mole you could ever think of.

Parking Lot Meet Up

My first night back on the road happened to be Halloween night and I spent it at a truck stop in a town called Peculiar. It had all the makings for the beginning of a horror movie but thank goodness, nobody showed up at… Continue Reading “Parking Lot Meet Up”