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Tire Town, Day Two

Something I didn’t expect to happen after I left, was that I would become so reliant on others. I thought people might pop in and out of my life but that mostly, I’d be on my own. That I’d have all the alone time… Continue Reading “Tire Town, Day Two”

Tire Town, USA, Population: My Tires

Here’s the scoop on my tires. When I got Mander I was told that she had basically new tires. I could see they had a ton of tread, and at first glance, looked terrific. Later on, it became apparent that they had a very… Continue Reading “Tire Town, USA, Population: My Tires”

Burps, Bumps and a Blowout

After I left the Smith’s in Des Moines, Iowa, I drove until I reached a casino parking lot. I didn’t want to push it too hard since I didn’t yet know if the repairs Sky and I made were going to stick. I woke… Continue Reading “Burps, Bumps and a Blowout”

The Smith’s

Mander has a way of knowing what’s best for me. Breaking down in Sky’s driveway worked out perfectly. About as perfectly as breaking down can go, that is. I was safe, in the care of a wonderful family and Sky was more than willing… Continue Reading “The Smith’s”

Story City, IA

Since I was still a RV drivin’ newbie I wanted to take it slow and steady. I left Blue Earth MN, drove roughly 150 miles into Iowa and decided to call it a day. I was happy about the distance I had covered and… Continue Reading “Story City, IA”

Gone With the Wind

Oh man did I let this blog fall to the wayside! My apologies! Once I quit my job in September I hit Mander hard with all the mandering that needed to be mandered. Oct 1st was my deadline to move by and there were… Continue Reading “Gone With the Wind”

It Takes a Village to Raise a Roof

One year, 26 hands, countless hours and $400 later, IT’S FINALLY DONE! Well….as done as a motorhome’s roof can be done. I will probably be crawling up there for the rest of Mander’s life chasing leaks and doing maintenance. But anything I do from… Continue Reading “It Takes a Village to Raise a Roof”

I Burned Out

It’s true. If you burn a candle at both ends, you run out of wax. Then you’re stuck in bed with a cold on a beautiful summer day when you should be working on Mander. I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes.