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I’m On Fire!

Having Mander closer to home rocks! I’ve been going to Kim’s almost daily and making a lot of progress which is super fun! I have to force myself to take a day off here and there because my hands, knees and feet start to… Continue Reading “I’m On Fire!”

New Chapter

3 days. That’s how long it takes me to go from “I’ve made a horrible mistake. Eff this. I’m gonna set it on fire and walk away.” to “Hey Kim! I’m coming over to work on Mander!” It took some tears and a lot… Continue Reading “New Chapter”

Loose Ends

The last two trips I took to work on Mander were working towards one goal…moving Mander closer to the cities! 

It’s Electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie!

“You can’t see it.” “You gotta know it.” “You can’t do without it.” “You don’t wanna lose it.” “You can’t hold it but you know it’s there. Here, there and everywhere.” All true Marcia Griffiths. That jam was playing in my head last week while… Continue Reading “It’s Electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie!”

Bed Time

The winter was rough. I ain’t gonna lie. I was walking on the edge of a nervous breakdown before this trip but once I got my hands on Mander again, I was feeling much better! Spring has sprung! Thank god. 

Mander Island

I’ve been so busy working and meeting with craigslist people to buy stuff for Mander, I haven’t had any spare time to blog about my last trip. Life doesn’t seem to be getting less hectic anytime soon, so I better bust this entry out… Continue Reading “Mander Island”

Over My Head

I made it to Wisconsin and learned my Uncle Buster was in town! Buster is a truck driver and we rarely cross paths. He is usually out on the road when I am visiting, so I was excited to get a chance to see… Continue Reading “Over My Head”

This is what determination looks like

The forecast called for subzero temperatures, the winds were blowing strong and the roads were glazed with black ice. As I laced up my boots, I thought to myself, “This is what determination looks like.” Everyone thought I was crazy to do it but… Continue Reading “This is what determination looks like”