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A Month in the Big City

Before I left MN and started travelling full time, I had a job as a brand ambassador. I would go to health food stores and demo natural and organic products. Technically, I was a independent contractor but I worked through a staffing agency. I… Continue Reading “A Month in the Big City”

White Sands National Monument

The first time I saw a picture of the White Sands National Monument years and years ago, I knew I had to see it with my own eyes. Before I left, people often asked me where I planned to travel and I would say,… Continue Reading “White Sands National Monument”

Van Horn

Mander is known for her spittin’ and sputterin’, so at first I thought it was just another plugged fuel filter. Luckily, I have long since learned to travel with extra filters, so it wasn’t no thang. I pulled into a rest stop, swapped on… Continue Reading “Van Horn”

Marfa or Bust

Once I was finally able to eat and keep it down, I started to feel a little better. My friend, Gavin, went home and although I was still very weak, I decided to go back to work.

Spring Break From Hell

Spring break was about to hit Terlingua hard and my friend, Gavin, was coming for a visit. What I didn’t know was that Gavin had picked up a hitchhiker, so to speak, along the way and it was about to make my life a… Continue Reading “Spring Break From Hell”

Sink or Swim

I came out of Big Bend and went to see John about getting started serving. I wasn’t sure if he was going to remember me but fear not, he already had me on the schedule for that evening! 


Before I went into Big Bend NP, I spent the weekend exploring Terlingua. Terlingua is one of the few towns bordering the park and is considered a “ghost town” even though people are inhabiting the place.

Big Bend, Chapter 6 (good stuff)

In my last post, we covered the not always fun part of exploring new places, logistics. Now I’d like to talk about some of the must see and do’s that I discovered during my 2 weeks in Big Bend.