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Big Bend, Chapter 5 (Logistics)

Linda and Grinnell said they would come check on me to make sure I had made it to my next campsite safely, and that’s just what they did. I wasn’t settled for long, before I saw their bad ass adventure mobile bumping down the… Continue Reading “Big Bend, Chapter 5 (Logistics)”

Big Bend, Chapter 4

Since I was staying another night in Chisos Basin, I decided I better make the best of it and do a hike! I hopped on the Window Trail and it did not disappoint.

Big Bend, Chapter 3

Grinnell is a wizard problem solver. He’s innovative and seems to be the type of person that enjoys a challenge. When Linda clued him in to some of the issues I was having with Mander, he didn’t hesitate to offer to take a look.… Continue Reading “Big Bend, Chapter 3”

Big Bend, Chapter 2

I made it through the harrowing drive to Chisos Basin Campground, then started winding my way around the very narrow campground road looking for a spot that could accommodate Mander.

Big Bend, Chapter 1

Big Bend is one of the largest, most remote and least visited National Parks in the U.S. Seems fitting that it would be the first National Park I drove Mander to. I certainly don’t have a history of choosing the path most commonly traveled.… Continue Reading “Big Bend, Chapter 1”

Last Little Austin Bits

Hey readers! We’re almost out of Austin and on to new adventures! Just a couple more things to wrap up. The first thing is a topic I get asked about ALL. THE. TIME. How do I earn money on the road?

What Love Sometimes Looks Like

Watching Alice pull away made me sad but it also gave me the itch to get moving myself. There was no longer a reason to stay in Austin…or was there…?

Water Works

Something I didn’t mention before, is that during the time Alice was visiting, Mander had sprung a leak. Two leaks to be exact. What should have been a semi-easy task of fixing Mander’s water lines became more like working on a chain gang. A… Continue Reading “Water Works”