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Striding and Soaring

Have I hit my stride? Maybe so! This last Mander trip was a lot more successful than the previous ones and I left feeling like I have a better handle on things. Even though there were some not so great things discovered, I’m feeling… Continue Reading “Striding and Soaring”

Scrape Scrape Scrape

The last trip I took to work on Mander I mostly scraped. And scraped. And scraped some more. But of course, as I’ve now learned, before you can do the work you are aiming to do, you gotta do other stuff first. So my… Continue Reading “Scrape Scrape Scrape”

What a Guy

I mentioned previously that I managed to score a sweet deal on Mander (that’s the nickname I have now given The Commander). I bought her off of Craigslist from a guy named, Guy. When I called to ask him for more info on Mander… Continue Reading “What a Guy”

Reality? Check!

My Commander is being stored at my Dad’s 2 1/2 hours away, in northern Wisconsin, so I’m making trips up there to work on it. My plan is to go at least once a month for whatever length of time I can spare to… Continue Reading “Reality? Check!”