1:1 Mini Session


Let’s talk! 1:1 half hour session


Have you purchased Vanlife: Your Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad and you have some follow up questions or additional things you’d like help with? Maybe you are someone that learns and feels more inspired through personal connections? Or maybe you don’t have anyone in your life that understands your dream and you just need someone to validate and support you. Whatever the reason, I’m here for you!

What makes me equipped to coach you?

Experience and research: I’ve been living nomadically since 2017 which has given me years of personal experiences to pull from. What knowledge I haven’t learned firsthand, has been acquired through countless hours of research.

Empathy and problem solving skills: I pride myself in my ability to deeply connect with people and create an environment that feels comfortable and relaxed. I can empathize with people’s unique personal struggles, while not losing sight of the big picture. I’ve never been shy about getting my hands dirty and doing the work, both emotionally and physically. This has allowed me to develop a well rounded skill set that can be applied to a variety of problems.

I am a firm believer in, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I wholeheartedly want to help you find your way!

*Purchasing the guide is not mandatory to receive a coaching session



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