Bumper Sticker


12” x 3.6” bumper sticker

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Are you a pain in the ass on the road? Do you drive a vehicle that forces you to go slow? Do you reach a slight incline and lose all speed? Or maybe you’re an incredibly nervous driver that is white knuckling it at any speed beyond 45 mph. Whatever reason that long line of traffic is backed up behind you, this bumper sticker will help remove the guilt you feel. What driver can be mad at you if you are assuming the best of their character and thanking them?! I mean, if they’re still mad after reading this bumper sticker, then it’s officially their problem, not yours.

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  1. By: agirlandhercommander Posted: July 28, 2019

    Sorry. Not at the moment. When I get in a position to be able to order them again, I will!

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