Vanlife: Your Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad

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Loaded with information that will save you countless hours of googling, research, dead ends, frustration and stress, this guide will give you the knowledge you need to become a successful modern nomad. Unlike other guides that send you to various websites and articles, I’ve done as much of the leg work as possible and compiled it all in one spot. Not only have I lived nomadically since 2017, gaining tons of personal experience, I’ve also sifted through loads of information collected from talking to other nomads and online research. All of this work, I believe, has resulted in the creme de la creme of  “vanlife” guides.

What you won’t find in this guide is a one size fits all answer wrapped up in a neat little bow. Vanlife is still real life, and life just ain’t that simple! In fact, living nomadically is much more complicated. This lifestyle change will take some trial and error and a lot of hard work on your end. If you don’t go into this with the willingness to grow and adapt, most likely you won’t succeed. Having the information in this guide will give you a huge leg up, but you will still need to make difficult decisions and do the emotional work that only you can do. Also, you won’t find any tips about traveling with kids in this guide. Unless you count pets as kids (I do!). I have a whole section about that!

If you are someone that wants a major life change but also wants to drastically reduce the ‘living on the road’ learning curve, this guide is for you!  

This comprehensive guide includes 5 sections:

Choosing Your Rig: Learn the common types of rigs you can live in and figure out which one is the best fit for you in regard to size, travel preferences, insurance and repairs.

Preparing to Live With Less: Advice and helpful tips to help ease the transition from a sticks and bricks house to a tiny home on wheels. 

The Basics: The meat of the whole guide! This section covers most FAQ’s, including: obtaining a legal domicile, how to receive mail, health insurance options, how to find parking, and everyday necessities like bathrooms, water, internet, etc. 

Money: How you make money on the road might be the number one question people have. There are so many ways to answer this question that it needed a section of its own. You will get a ton of resources and ideas on how to make the financial piece of this puzzle work. Additionally, I share my personal finances in hopes it will help you better understand what it may cost to sustain life on the road. 

Traveling With Pets: If you have a pet and want to live on the road, not to worry! It’s possible. This section gives you information on how to prepare your pet for becoming a nomad right along with you. 

*This guide was written based on information for travel within the U.S. While you may still find valid and helpful information for travel outside the U.S., this guide will be most useful for nomadic life in the states. 

Since this guide is a downloadable product and I have no control over it once it’s on your device, I am trusting that you will not share it with people. Thank you for protecting my hard work and allowing me to earn an income for the months I spent creating it. 

Reviews for Vanlife: You’re Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad

“Covers all the things you need to know and would otherwise learn over years of trial and error on the road. A great primer for those wanting to take the leap into the nomad life.” -Sterling Holt

“Even after all the research I did for at least a year plus following people who share a lot of tips – I still learned a whole lot more and it was nice to get such a good amount of detail in one place without adding even more research. I think some of the things will come in handy too as far as not even realizing what you SHOULD be looking up before starting.” -Alex Stevenson 

“Jessy’s Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad is educational and informative. As a full time nomad myself for going on one year I found useful tips and information that I will now use first hand on the road. My only wish is that I had this resource three years ago when I started my transition to becoming a modern nomad! If you are hopeful to begin your life on the road but hesitation and debate often plague your mind this guide will help cure your curiosities and concerns. Highly recommend to anyone looking to or even already living on the road!” -Meag O’Neill

“A core reference for a life on the road. An invaluable reference manual for getting started and successfully living a life on wheels. Though the author is a professed vegetarian, this is all meat.  The references alone make it a find. Even if you know all the right search words, it would still take you days to sort through the data and then have to try everything out. Already done for you. In my experience, there is no magic bullet and often, several sources are needed to complete a trip or a repair.  As stated, there is work involved. If there wasn’t, you probably have 10 times the number of people at your favorite over night spots.  Full disclosure:  I’m familiar with the Author and got an advance copy to review.  Even as a first effort, I would still give this 4 stars but knowing the author and background on the data, it gets one more for a full 5 star rating.  I’ve been full time for 2+ years now.” -Mark S.

4 reviews for Vanlife: Your Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad

  1. Alicia (verified owner)

    Wow! This really was a great read – it covers a lot about what to expect and how to prepare for the #vanlife lifestyle, and it’s also chock full of practical advice. I really appreciated the section on pets – it’s clear that she cares deeply for her furbabies, and it shows in the quality of advice and suggestions she makes to make living nomadically as comfortable for pets as is possible. I’m very glad I made this purchase, and if I ever make the leap in to living on the road, I’m sure I’ll be referencing it often. 😊 Thank you for your work and time!!

    • agirlandhercommander

      Thanks so much for your purchase and your review!

  2. Julie Ann Grasso

    Yay! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Missy Fonseca

    I follow you on IG and ypu are honestly my favorite to follow. I am renovatong my intshe rv all by myself for me n my 2 dogs.. I get overwhelmed at times but seeing you get rgings done on your rig always gets me motivated.. 😊

    • agirlandhercommander

      Thank you so much Missy! I understand the struggle all too well. 😘 Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there! Promise. Best of luck with everything! I’m rooting for ya!

  4. David Hall

    Just watched your video on Tiny Homes and was intrigued by your vision for an independent and healthy life. Well done. I always believed life should be enjoyed with two speeds: slow, or mosey. 😂 I will now add your “slow lane”, for a third category. Life is certainly more fun when we take the time to enjoy it. Thanks for living yours to the fullest.

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